Revisiting old friends

With my practice taking a somewhat backwards  (circular, maybe?) turn towards the processes and fundamentals of photography and image, I thought it may be relevant to re read some key theoretical texts that first inspired me when establishing my practice. These texts; such as Roland Barthes, Susan Sontag and Victor Burgin, were both an inspiration and prevalent whilst learning about the darkroom, the processes involved  in making an image and thinking of ways to personalise the practice. I feel almost like I have gone full circle from these first few experiences- shooting predominantly in black and white, moving onto colour, digital forms and then now back to the darkroom experimental techniques. I want to further examine these texts for new meaning, and hopefully be able to relate a little more to them now I have gone through the motions myself. Roland Barthes- Image, Music, Text, and Camera Lucida are up first. One of the first texts I read in my University seminars.

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