Exhibition Preparation


So, the last week has been a new experience for me. Setting up an exhibition that isn’t simply painting a wall white and hanging a photograph in a frame. Luckily I have 5 other experienced MA pals to help me out with certain things (mostly tech and lifting things, I’m weak as a kitten and as girly as they come) and ensure that we have a brilliant show to open with. Few decisions I had to make were fairly monumental to me, the first being the amount of work I put into the show. In the past, I have thrown everything into shows as I lacked confidence in the work itself so often thought quantity over quality would help. I have now realised this is a poor tactic really, and it doesn’t say a lot about you or your practice whatsoever. Being able to select work in a mature and confident fashion has meant that I was prepared with printing, materials etc but also meant I could really give some thought to how my practice has evolved over the last two years. Casting my mind back to the atrocity that was my Viva Voce and comparing it to this assessment is almost unrecognisable. This type of reflection makes me happy I chose the 2 year MA program, giving me chance to fully explore my practice through experiment and study as well as make some huge mistakes along the way. Incorporating new media such as screen printing, risograph, collage, video and book work has meant I have taken risks with moving my practice forward, but risks that I feel were necessary and suitable for this particular time. I have included some photographs of the preparation that went into the exhibition (which has turned out brilliantly on everyone’s parts!) to demonstrate the different processes I undertook in order to produce what I think is my most considered work to date. Modest, non? Proud? Oui!


The MA exhibition is part of York St John University Create ’14 show, and more information can be found here.

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