Clare Strand

Being an avid reader of many photography publications such as Hotshoe, British Journal of Photography and Source, I wasn’t surprised to see Clare Strand’s latest project repeatedly mentioned in the current issue of all the previously mentioned titles. ‘Skirts’ is a collection of photographs shot in black and white, featuring a number of tables, seemingly empty, except for their coverings- their skirts. Whilst reading about Strand’s work, I came across a appropriate description:

“…continuing her investigation into the complex meanings of everyday objects”

I enjoy this description, and can relate to it in my own investigation into the everyday. The term ‘over thinking things’ comes to mind. Analysing simple things until they turn complicated, or into a word you don’t recognise anymore. I believe this is what Skirts does too. A seemingly mundane situation placed in the foreground. A usually shy object, ignored and somewhat abused is brought forward for its own cross examination. The Skirts take many forms and appear very different when represented in monochrome and without prop. Strand says of her choice to work in black and white “I feel it boils things down to the essentials”. This I can only agree with. I have started working in black and white lately, an art I have not touched upon since my first years of my degree. It is helping me get to grips of what I really want from my work, the details and the important decisions that go into what I want to achieve.

An interesting interview with Clare Strand:

Images used for display/reference only, copyright the artist.

Copyright the artist
Copyright the artist
Copyright the artist
Copyright the artist

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